-  Installation

- Under Linux: unpack file ("gunzip ftris.gz") and run game: "./ftris"
- Under Dos/Windows: unpack file and run game "ftris.exe"

Source code:
Unpack both archives (ftris-src-x.yy.tar.gz and ftris-data-x.yy.tar.gz) in the SAME directory.
To compile FlashTris, follow instructions in "Readme" file.
If you have any problem, send me a mail.

-  Source code info

Source code is free, under GPL license.

What you can do with it :
- improve it and give it, according to GPL license
- fix known bugs (see the bottom of this page)
- modify FlashTris for other operating systems (Mac, BeOS, etc...)
- send me your comments, questions, suggestions, ...
- send me modifications you made to my sources

What you can't do with it :
- sell this game or include it (completely or partially) in a commercial product without giving full source code

What I am doing now :
- cleaning up source code
- modifying FlashTris for Mac (Linux/PowerPC), e.g. removing assembly functions...
- writing C module player (today it is 90% assembly code)

Source details :
- about.c : "about" screen,
- bonus.c : bonus levels,
- config.c : configuration,
- effet.c : some graphical effects,
- ftris.c : main program,
- game.c : the game,
- key.c : keyboard management,
- menu.c : main menu,
- menu_gfx.c : menu display,
- menu_tst.c : tests between menu options,
- net.c : network,
- netftris.c : network (specific to FlashTris),
- playfli.c : FLI player,
- video.c : graphical display using mode 320x200x256, compatible Linux/Dos/Windows,
- mod.c : Amige modules player.