FlashTris download

-  FlashTris stable version 0.30 alpha, 2001-09-06

This program is distributed without any warranty : I'm not responsible for bugs or data damage caused by this program.

[ FlashTris stable, 06/09/2001 ]

Linux binary (gzip)   logo_linux_small ftris.gz (1,37 Mb)
Window binary (zip)   logo_win_small ftris.zip (1,38 Mb)
Sources (gzip)   download ftris-src-0.30.tar.gz (185 Kb)
Data (gzip)   download ftris-data-0.30.tar.gz (1,50 Mb)
Version 0.30 alpha, binary for Linux:
- dynamically compiled
- X-Window version under development
- must be run as "root" user (see FAQ #4)
- compatible with 2.4.x kernels (see FAQ)
- required libraries: libvga.so.1 (svgalib), libm.so.6, libc.so.6, ld-linux.so.2

Version 0.30 alpha, binary for Windows:
- compatible with Windows 2000 (see FAQ)
- network game under development (scheduled for next version)
- binary required: cwsdpmi.exe

Version 0.30 alpha, source code:
- distributed under GPL license (see COPYING file)
- for Windows: DJGPP compiler required

Version 0.30 alpha, data files:
- data files for FlashTris (musics, graphics, ...)
- you must unpack this file into FlashTris directory
- with these files and source code, you can compile and run FlashTris.
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