Q1: My sound card is properly installed but not detected. What can I do ?
A1: Under Dos/Windows, run game choosing appropriate port and IRQ.
Example: "ftris -port220 -irq5" if sound card is on port 220h and IRQ 5.
Under Dos/Windows, only SoundBlaster or 100% compatible are supported.
Under Windows 9x, install SB16 Emulation driver (in case of necessity).
Under Windows 2000, install SoundFX 2000 or VdmSound.
Under Linux, all cards are supported.
Q2: Game hangs up when "Initializing sound..."
A2: Under Dos/Windows, modify port and/or IRQ (see FAQ #1).
Otherwise, run game without sound/music: "ftris -nosound"
Q3: Game hangs up during intro.
A3: Disable introduction: "ftris -nointro" (and see FAQ #7).
Q4: Game hangs up with error message "svgalib: Cannot get I/O permissions" (Linux only)
A4: Svgalib requires "root" privileges to access video card.
You must be connected as "root" user to run FlashTris or you must activate "setuid" bit on executable (issue "chmod +s ./ftris" command as "root" user)
Q5: Game hangs up with error message "svgalib: mmap error in paged screen memory" (Linux only)
A5: This is an error of svgalib with kernels 2.3.x and 2.4.x.
Download last version of svgalib with sources (here: http://www.svgalib.org) and compile it without option "BACKGROUND = Y" in file Makefile.cfg (comment this line).
Q6: Menu and/or game are very slow.
A6: In "advanced" menu (under burning title): disable menu's flames and/or motion pixels.
With 80486 processor or less, it is advisable to install a pedal (and to pedal fast !)
Q7: There is a bug in game !
A7: Send complete description to: flashcode@flashtux.org
Q8: Author merits to be remunerate.
A8: All gifts are welcome.